Feb 282011
Cinnamon & Sugar | Sprinkles

Cinnamon & Sugar cupcake from Sprinkles

I stopped into Sprinkles (50 East Walton) this weekend with a friend, and she ordered a Cinnamon & Sugar cupcake. We got into a raging debate about whether this was actually a cupcake. She argued that it was on the menu, so it must be. I argued that it didn’t have frosting, so it was a muffin.

What say you?

Feb 032011
Sprinkles | Lemon & Cherry Cupcakes

Nothing says romance quite like a cupcake.

Plan to stay downtown with your cupid this February 14? If so, Fairfield Inn (216 East Ontario) is offering a $14 gift card (one per room) for guests to use at Sprinkles Cupcakes (50 East Walton). If you don’t feel like adding a little sugar to your Valentine’s Day, the gift card will keep and is good at Sprinkles Cupcakes locations nationwide.

Dec 022010

Magnolia Bakery, Crumbs Bake Shop, and Butch Bakery are all out-of-town cupcake franchises headed to Chicago to set up shop. Sprinkles Cupcakes has been here for a few months. With all the wonderful homegrown options, how do you feel about the presence of these shops? Is it good for the Chicago scene? Are you happy to see them? Leave a comment and you’ll be entered into our holiday giveaway.

Congrats to Asia Elsner, our first holiday winner! Remember, we’ll be giving away a choice of either a Chicago Cupcake Guide or cupcake ornament to a lucky commenter/Tweeter. Read details of our giveaway here.

Nov 022010

Flirty Cupcakes!

Yesterday I took an informal poll to determine which Chicago cupcake truck had the “sweetest ride”. With 78% of the vote, the clear winner was Flirty Cupcakes. More Cupcakes was second, followed by Sprinkles and The Cupcake Gallery respectively.

Thanks to all who voted! I hope to see you on the streets of Chicago, scarfing down cupcakes from each of our cupcake trucks!

Nov 012010

[The poll is closed! Thanks to all who voted!]

If a zillion different bakeries weren’t enough, Chicago now has four cupcake trucks on the streets! I’m polling Chicago’s cupcake aficionados to find out who you think has the sweetest ride:

Vote now!

Jul 262010
Sprinkles | Lemon & Cherry Cupcakes

I started my day with cherry and lemon cupcakes.

Bill & Giuliana Rancic

Bill & Giuliana Rancic were on hand to pass out cupcakes.

Fans of the LA-based chain Sprinkles were in line at 9:00am on Monday to recapture their coastal cupcake experience. Many people I talked to were happy to have Sprinkles in the neighborhood and declared the cupcakes as good as they remembered. In addition to tons of cupcakes, people also walked out of the shop with cupcake mixes, t-shirts, and even serving trays. My favorite add-ons were the single candles that could be purchased for birthdays.

There was a nice crowd for the Grand Opening, though I think some were there for a chance to meet Bill and Giuliana Rancic and the founder of Sprinkles, Candace Nelson. The Sprinkles Mobile was also parked out front. Though it wasn’t loaded with cupcakes today, staff were passing out Sprinkles buttons to eager fans.

Sprinkles Mobile

The Sprinkles Mobile is cute all the way down to the hubcabs.

Like many, I was a bit skeptical that Chicago needed another cupcake spot. However, after trying the lemon and cherry cupcakes, I can see why they’re so well regarded. They were flavorful and moist and fruity thoughout. My only complaint was the signature dot on top was inedible on my cupcakes. Though honestly I’m not sure it was meant to be eaten.

I can’t wait to try the red velvet, which others in line raved about. Other intriguing flavors included ginger lemon, cinnamon sugar and chai latte. But I’ll have to plan ahead since not all flavors are available each day.

Have you been to Sprinkles? Planning to go? Let me know about your experience!

Sprinkles Exterior

The Sprinkles store is easy to spot.

Sprinkles Cupcakes
50 E. Walton St.
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 573-1600

Jul 242010

Sprinkles will be opening at 50 E. Walton Street on Monday. Finally. There were concerns that the city’s cupcake supply was running low. Bullet? Dodged.

The word is there will be free cupcakes, celebrity sightings, and frosting shots. Really, what more do you need for a successful opening? Perhaps a free frosting shot off a celebrity? I’ll be there on the off chance that happens.

If things get too crazy at Sprinkles, I’ll move over to More (1 East Delaware Place) and say hello to Pattie Rothman & crew. They have sweet corn, bacon jalapeƱo and chili mango flavors that need tasting! Though honestly, I’m still holding out hope of one day seeing vanilla-vanilla cupcakes on the menu. I still haven’t had my base-line cupcake at More.

Like their neighbors, More plans to take cupcakes to the streets of Chicago. Is there a possibility of a cupcake drag race? Or even a cupcake traffic jam? Hmm.